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What are the Best Schools in Cochrane Alberta?

one of the schools in cochrane alberta - fireside
Fireside is one of the newest Schools in Cochrane, Alberta (BR2 Architecture)

If you’re thinking about a move to Cochrane, Alberta, you’re probably wondering about the different options for schools for your children.

Of course! The right school is so important to family life and children’s well being. Countless studies and groups report again and again how crucial early childhood education is for kids. It’s also probably fresh in many adults minds’ how their own grade school and high school experiences shaped their futures and the paths they chose into higher education and the career world.

So often, when I have clients inquiring about a move to Cochrane, I find that they are young families with kids or hoping to have children soon. Many of my clients looking to move within Cochrane also seek to find the best new home for their changing family, but wish to remain with their current school.

In this article, lets explore:

  • Cochrane School Districts & Homeschool Options
  • Cochrane Elementary Schools
  • Cochrane Middle Schools
  • Cochrane High Schools
  • What is the Best School for You?

As always, if you have a question about different neighbourhoods in Cochrane, moving here, or and properties in the area you’re seeing, don’t be afraid to reach out! I’m always available via text, call or email to help answer your questions.

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Cochrane School Districts & Homeschooling Network

Rockyview Schools is the district for public education covering Cochrane. As the fifth-largest school board in Alberta, Rockyview has over 28,600 students across 53 schools. The jurisdiction provides classes for kids from Kindergarten through to grade 12.

The Calgary Catholic School District provides Catholic education not just to Cochrane and Calgary, but also has schools in Airdrie and Chestermere as well. This is a very large school board with nearly 62,500 students across 118 schools. Classes also go from Kindergarten through to grade 12.

Finally, for parents who prefer homeschooling, options will always exist but without the larger structures in place. This option may not be for everyone, but many parents who tried it out in 2020 have chosen to stick with it, and outcomes can be great. Check out the Alberta Homeschooling Association website here for more info.

Cochrane Elementary Schools

Elementary education, also known as Primary schools, are generally for children aged 5 to 12 years old. This can include preschool, junior and senior kindergarten, as well as grades 1 through 6.

Cochrane is home to 7 elementary schools:

In terms of locations, both the Fireside School and Holy Spirit Catholic School are located in Fireside. Closer to the heart of town, you’ll find Cochrane Christian Academy, Glenbow Elementary, and Elizabeth Barrett up on the ridge. Ecole Notre-Dame des Vallees is in Heartland, and the RancheView School can be found in the neighbourhood of Sunset.

Cochrane Middle Schools

Middle schools, sometimes referred to as “Junior High Schools”, are a bit of an older education concept more often seen in the United States. Typically Middle School refers to grades 5-7 & 8-9 and sometimes these grades are split between primary and secondary education. In Cochrane, the two middle schools both cover grades 5, 6, 7 & 8.

Cochrane is home to 2 middle schools:

Mitford Middle School can be found in the neighbourhood of Heartland, and Ecole Manachaban Middle School is located in Cochrane Heights.

Cochrane High Schools

High school (or Secondary school) is where older children receive their final years of public education, typically grades 9-12 and ages 14 through 18. Beyond high school, young adults can move into the workforce, or continue on to post-secondary options such as College and University.

Cochrane is home to 3 high schools:

For locations, the high schools in town are fairly well spread out. On the south side of the Bow River, in Riversong, Bow Valley High School is centrally located near Riviera, Willows, Precedence, as well as Fireside just across highway 22. Cochrane High School is on the ridge just up from downtown, in Cochrane Heights. St. Timothy is up in Sunset, where accessibility should be greatly improved once the Highway 1A/22 interchange is completed.

What is the Best School for You?

Often, the best school for a family depends on a number of different factors. Chief among them tends to be the quality of the teaching staff and facilities, but in a “newer” community like Cochrane, facilities can be more consistent and today’s modern teaching staff tend to be as well.

A great recommendation for parents looking for the best school would be to speak with other parents whose children may already attend. They can provide a parent/child perspective on the quality of the school – but it’s important to know that their own experience, which may be unique, could skew their perspective. Touring the school yourself as a parent, as well as meeting staff and teachers first hand, can allow you to form your own opinion on the school and gather your own insight for a decision.

Something that I always find of value to families when search for a home is the proximity to a school. Why? As a parent you’ll be shuttling kids to and from school very often! I think its every parent’s dream to be able to have their children close by, so they can walk to and from school safely. I know that’s certainly something that I valued being able to do as a young student. I also view this as being very important to me as a parent myself.

If you’re considering a move to or within Cochrane, and are curious about which neighbourhood or style of home could be right for you, let’s connect. I’m always available via text, email or call and no question is too small. I’m here to help!