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Everything you need to know about Harmony Alberta Real Estate!

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If you’re like me, driving from Calgary to the mountains (or vice-versa), you’ve likely seen the signage for new real estate in Harmony, Alberta. This burgeoning community development is just west of Calgary, past Springbank, along the Trans-Canada highway off Highway 22.

I’m training for an Ironman Triathlon on the near future and happened to stumble upon the Harmony Ironman 70.3 race. I was so surprised to learn that the community had hosted this event a few times now, and that piqued my interest to learn more. While I’ve had clients booked to view some high-end houses here before, I really wanted the chance to dive in and get the lay of the land. The active focus of the community is certainly something many folks are drawn to, and its not hard to see why!

In this article, lets discuss:

  • How Big is Harmony? How Big will it get?
  • How are the Amenities in Harmony?
  • What Kind of Activities are there in Harmony?
  • What kind of Homes are there in Harmony?
  • Should you buy real estate Harmony? Should you move to Harmony?

If you have any questions about Harmony or any real estate listings you’re seeing there, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me directly. I’m always available via text, call or email, and no question is too small. I’m here to help!

How Big is Harmony Alberta?

Harmony is an unincorporated community that is still growing. An unincorporated area is a “region that is not governed by a local municipal corporation”, such as a formal town and council, which will come with time. Located in Rocky View County, Harmony is just outside of Springbank Airport. Harmony is about 23KM west of downtown Calgary and 10KM southeast of Cochrane.

A big question many folks ask is how big is Harmony, and how big will it get? In terms of population, the community is estimated to have 10,000 people once fully realized, in ~3,500 dwellings. At the moment though, this town is still growing, with a population of just under 1000. The final planned size for the community is over 1,750 acres, including two lakes.

How are the Amenities in Harmony?

In terms of Amenities, Harmony will be home to a golf course, the lake and Beach Club, Adventure and Skate Park. There are also plans to have a School, commercial and shopping areas, and the upcoming Village Centre. The Village Centre is slated to include necessities, cafes & restaurants, performance spaces, shopping, arts, culture and wellness amenities.

So far, the community has the Launchpad (golf), as well as the Mickelson Course & clubhouse now open. The golf course is 18 holes spread out across 240 acres, boasting an “incomparable golf experience.” The Clubhouse has also now been completed, and plans to be a centre for events, tournaments and weddings in the community.

What Kind of Activities are there in Harmony?

As noted by my Ironman focus above, Harmony is based around being a place where “active living and creative play are vital to health and wellness.” The community is centred around the current 40-acre lake, and the planned 100-acre lake extension. Swimming, boating, paddle-boarding are all encouraged – plus – the lake is even stocked for fishing!

In addition to the Golf noted above, the Adventure Park also has a skate park, off-leash dog park, pump track for bikers, climbing wall and all-season skating ribbon. Regardless of if its winter, summer, or crazy Alberta weather inbetween, there is always something active to do in Harmony.

What kind of Homes and Real Estate is there in Harmony Alberta?

Let’s talk real estate for a second! Harmony is a place that many of my clients, in Canmore, Cochrane & Calgary, often ask me about. From my perspective, many buyers tend to view it as an option where you can be outside of the city, towards the mountains, and also as a chance to be part of a community with a vision. Harmony wants to be home to athletes and adventure seekers, and in many ways it is. The styles of homes are a bit less suburban than denser neighbourhoods in Calgary, speaking more to styles seen in Canmore.

Attached Homes in Harmony Alberta

In Harmony, for attached homes there are both Townhouses and Bungalow Duplex Villas. Townhomes start “from the $600s”, and are offered by builder Streetside. The Bungalow Villas start from the “high $900s”, with builds by NuVista.

Detached Homes in Harmony Alberta

For detached homes in Harmony, rear-laned and front drive homes are available, with pricing starting in the “high $700s”. There are a variety of builders so plenty of options for Buyers when it comes to build style. For those Buyers seeking a larger or more unique property, Estate Homes starting from $1.1M are located on larger 45-50′ lots, ready to accommodate triple garages and in some cases walkouts. Lakeside Homes start from $1.7M and include a private dock plus dedicated lake access – truly the peak choice for a family considering life in an active lake community.

Note – prices and inventory through Builders can be hard to discern. Connect with me today to explore all of your options in Harmony, not just the inventory of one Seller.

Should You Buy Real Estate in Harmony? Should You Move to Harmony?

This is probably a question on many potential buyers’ minds – should we move to Harmony?

Of course, I’ve laid out lots of great benefits and features above. Any of the builders or developers will be keen to share all of the perks of this community. But – and this is important – I do not work for any of these builders or developers. When you work with me as a Buyer, I have an obligation to focus on your best interests – not a Sellers.

With that in mind, Harmony could be a great place for your family or it may not be ready for you yet. True, there is an opportunity to still “get in on the ground floor” here and when fully realized, the community will be a gem. With its proximity to Calgary and the Canadian Rockies, it can’t miss.

But at the moment, the community can feel like a bit of an island. Without schools or much in terms of commercial/shopping options, many families may find themselves driving to get the necessities of life fairly often. Of course, upcoming developments, such as the announcement of Costco at nearby Bingham Crossing, provide positive surprises that may not just improve quality of life – but also home values – for residents of Harmony. Something to consider.

If you have questions about moving to Harmony, moving to Alberta, the community or anything to do with real estate in our area – reach out! No question is too small, and I’m always happy to provide insights and answers whenever possible. Feel free to text, call or email me today.