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Your Guide to Retiring in Cochrane Alberta!

Retiring in cochrane alberta

Lots of folks are considering retiring in Cochrane, Alberta. With so many young families choosing to make Cochrane their home, its no wonder that many of their relatives are considering a move here as well!

Cochrane is a vibrant and growing community, with so many great places to explore and room to breathe. Whether you’re leaving Calgary, coming to join your kids (and grandkids!) from another province, or simply looking for a quiet place – Cochrane makes a top place for retirement in Alberta.

This town was even named one of the Best Places in Canada to retire!

Today, let’s explore a few things you may want to consider for retiring in Cochrane:

  • Types of Homes for Retirement in Cochrane
  • Activities for Retirees in Cochrane
  • Resources, Transit and Healthcare in Cochrane Alberta

As always, feel free to reach out to me directly if you have any questions on moving to Cochrane, properties here, or what your retirement in the area could look like.

Types of Homes for Retirement in Cochrane, Alberta

One of the most important pieces of the retirement puzzle for many of my clients is where they plan to live. Your primary residence is typically one of the largest assets you own (or wish to own). For many retirees, paying off your mortgage is a key goal which allows you more financial freedom in your later years.

For others, downsizing can be a great way to capitalize on the equity you may have in your existing home. When you sell your larger home to move into a smaller (and ideally less expensive) property, you can ideally shed most or all of your current mortgage. Moving from a more expensive market, such as Toronto or Vancouver, can also help you realize the gains on your current home, and translate that into a new property – potentially with cash left over to fund your retirement further.

In Cochrane, we have a broad range of homes in various styles and price points. Detached homes can range from $500K-$1M, though the bulk will be in the sub-$800K range. Cochrane also has plenty of multi-family options, with well finished townhomes coming in below $400K in most cases. Condos can represent an even better value, and are often maintenance-free.

Activities For Retirees in Cochrane

With its proximity to the Canadian Rocky Mountains, including Banff National Park and Kananaskis Country, Cochrane is ideally situated to be a basecamp for your retirement adventures. Cochrane is also just outside of the major Canadian city of Calgary, which has an international airport, amazing events, and every type of service and shopping you could imagine. So if part of your dream retirement plan is spending summers in an RV, and winters on a beach – this location couldn’t be better!

In Cochrane proper, we have tons of great walking trails, a vibrant downtown, and two excellent golf courses. The Links of Gleneagles is an amazing destination course – right here in your backyard. Meanwhile, the Cochrane Golf Club makes a great location to hone your skills and relax over a round.

With various restaurants and social clubs, there is always an event happening in town. Live music and arts & crafts are just some of the weekly things happening around town. If you’re interested in volunteering, check out this list of great opportunities. With a young population and lots of kids in town, there is always a need for helping hands!

Resources, Transit and Healthcare in Cochrane Alberta

Cochrane has an amazing library, which has access to the Alberta TRAC system. This system allows you to request books, DVDs, audio recordings, and more – from dozens of libraries across the province. I’ve been a member of the TRAC system for years and have completely stopped buying books altogether – they simply have everything I could be searching for (and so much more!).

While Cochrane Alberta doesn’t have a full hospital, there is the Cochrane Community Health Centre. This centre has testing, public health and walk-in service available for most hours of the day. Plus, you’ve got Foothills General Hospital, Alberta Children’s Hospital, and specialists in Calgary just a short drive away.

For Transit, Cochrane Alberta has the COLT on-demand transit system. This excellent system allows users to simply book a ride via their app, phone number or website. This can take a lot of the guess work out of transit rides for seniors – plus, it comes at an affordable rate. There are also discounted monthly seniors passes available, too.

Retiring In Cochrane Alberta!

Retirement can be nerve-wracking – especially if you’re planning to move to a new community. But with the right vision for what your day-to-day might be like, you can be sure to enjoy the fruits of a life of hard work. Hopefully it also brings you closer to your children, grandchildren, and other family members! Retiring in Cochrane Alberta may be able to help you do just that.

If you’re considering a retirement or downsize move to Cochrane, let’s get in touch. I’m always happy to answer any questions you have about the community, help you search for properties, or give you helpful tips on moving to or within Alberta.