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Alberta Real Estate Show – Startling Poll Shows New Canadians Want to Leave their Province

30% of Canadians want to leave their province

Dan: Hey guys, Dan McGuire here, your Canmore Cochrane Calgary realtor. Welcome again to another episode of the Alberta Real Estate Show. I’ve got my wonderful co-host here, Dave. Hello, how’s everyone doing? I wanted to do another episode here quickly. We won’t be doing another video for maybe a month or a month and a half as my wife and I are expecting a baby in the next couple of weeks or maybe a few days, who knows?

But there was a recent news article, or sorry, an Angus Reid poll that came out, and you’ve probably seen it a lot in the news. This poll really had some shocking and exciting conclusions in it that I felt were pertinent to discuss, particularly following up on what we spoke about last week regarding immigration to Alberta.

This poll was released on July 3, and it had some big insights about what people are thinking regarding housing costs in Canada, where they want to go, and what they’re thinking. Dave, maybe you can start with the first point from that poll?

Dave: Yeah, three in ten Canadians are seriously considering leaving the province they live in due to the cost of housing. This is much higher in BC and Ontario—three in ten, wow. When you think about it, if you’re walking around or at the grocery store and three out of ten people you see are unhappy with where they live and seriously considering leaving due to high housing costs, that’s significant.

Newer Canadians Want to Move From Canada or Their Current Province Even More

Dan: And what about the proportion of newer immigrants to Canada?

Dave: Twenty-seven percent of those born in Canada are considering relocating to another province. This rises to 39% among those who have immigrated to Canada within the past 10 years. This has been widely covered in the news. Canada has seen a lot of migration in the last decade, and historically, Canada has been a place people come to for a better life, to escape conflicts back home, or just to pursue better opportunities.

Dan: Absolutely, and Canada is second only in size to Russia, so we have a lot of land and space. But hearing that many people who have recently come to Canada are feeling like they can’t achieve what they want due to high housing costs, particularly in places like BC and Ontario, is concerning.

Where Do They Want to Go?

Dave: Yeah, exactly. So where are those people hoping to go? The poll shows 27% say abroad (non-US), 18% to Alberta, 15% to the US, and 12% are unsure. We’ve got 6% saying BC, 4% Ontario, and 2% Quebec.

Dan: Looking at those numbers, it seems like the majority want to leave Canada but not go to the US, perhaps considering Europe or returning to their home countries. But it’s promising to see that the second highest choice is Alberta. There’s always been this narrative of “go west” to Alberta for more opportunity.

Dave: Right, and Alberta has been known as an economic powerhouse with a young population, making it attractive for young families to settle down due to affordability, job opportunities, and quality of life.

Dan: Exactly. So what about the main provinces like Ontario and BC?

Dave: Well, 39% of Ontario residents say they would leave the province due to high housing costs, 17% of whom would consider Alberta. In BC, 36% of residents say they would leave due to high housing costs, with a whopping 35% eyeing Alberta.

Dan: Vancouver is often seen as representative of BC, and while BC has regional differences like Fort Nelson versus the Lower Mainland, it’s not surprising that more than a third of those wanting to leave BC are looking towards Alberta for better opportunities.

Dave: Those are significant numbers. Alberta really seems to be the place to be.

Thanks For Watching – Canadians want to leave their province more than ever before

Dan: Yeah, it’s encouraging. Thanks for discussing this in-depth with me, Dave. I wanted to delve into this based on our previous discussions, and I’m constantly hearing from people in areas like the GTA and Vancouver who are tired of the high costs and are considering making the move to Alberta. For example, I recently spoke with a woman who sold her home in Toronto and is looking to invest in Alberta, drawn by more affordable housing options and the potential for a better quality of life.

Dave: It’s understandable. Alberta offers a lot, and it’s great to see people recognizing that.

Dan: Absolutely. Well, I don’t expect to do another video like this for a while, maybe not until fall, but I look forward to continuing these discussions. Thanks again, Dave.