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Find out which Canmore communities might work best for you and your family!

The Benchlands Canmore

Area: The Benchlands are located northwest of Cougar Creek below Mount Lady MacDonald.

Amenities: This community is on the “sunny side of the valley”, close to hiking and biking trails (including Montane Traverse, Horseshoe Loop, Lady MacDonald and Cougar Creek), Silver Tip golf course, and local playing fields. Wonderful restaurants and a few other retail shops are nearby at retail spots along Benchlands Trail.

Building Types: Single family homes, duplexes and townhouses.

The Homesteads Canmore

Area: The quiet Carey/Homesteads neighbourhood is on the west side of the valley, near the northwest end of Three Sisters Parkway, roughly a 2 minute drive or 15 -20 minute walk from downtown or up to the Nordic Centre.

Amenities: This neighbourhood is super close to Quarry Lake, the Nordic Centre, and a network of trails linking it to downtown and the Bow River.

Building Types: Single family homes and townhouses.

Bow Valley Trail Canmore

Area: Bow Valley Trail (Highway 1A) runs through Canmore between the TransCanada highway and the rail line.

Amenities: This main artery provides great proximity to Elevation Place, shopping, restaurants and trails. It also has central valley views! Cougar Creek off-leash dog park is on the eastern side.

Building Types: Apartment-style condominiums, hotels, timeshare opportunities and resort-style living.

Cougar Creek Canmore

Area: An older area of Canmore, Cougar Creek and Grotto are situated around the beautiful cree of the same name and Grotto mountain. There are tons fo great trails here, including the 2011 pedestrian underpass for an easy connection to downtown on foot or by bicycle.

Amenities: Elizabeth Rummel School provides French Immersion for Kindergarten to Grade Six in the central of the area, along with playing fields. There are restaurants and shops along Benchlands Trail, plus easy quick access to the Elk Run and Cougar Creek off-leash dog parks.

Building Types: Single family homes, duplexes and multifamily homes.

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Eagle Terrace Canmore

Location: Eagle Terrace islocated northwest of Cougar Creek below Mount Lady MacDonald, perched above the Benchlands.

Amenities: This is the sunny side of the valley, close to lots of multi-use trails, and Silvertip golf course. There are restaurants and shops along Benchlands Trail, plus easy quick access to the Elk Run and Cougar Creek off-leash dog parks.

Building Types: Single family homes, duplexes and townhouses.

Hospital Hill Canmore

Area: Just past the Bow River Bridge southwest from downtown. Named for the old 1940s hospital that was once built by the local mining company in the area.

Amenities: Situated between the Bow River trails and the Nordic centre, this area is just a few (beautiful) steps from down town and all the amenities located there.

Building Types: Single family homes, duplexes, low-rise apartments and townhouses.

The Hamlet of Harvie Heights

Area: Four kilometers  northwest of Canmore along the Trans-Canada Highway, right near the entrance to Banff National Park

Amenities: Community recreation hall, outdoor rink and tennis court.

Building Types: Single family homes ranging from 1950s log cabins to brand new, modern builds.

Larch Canmore

Area: In the northwest of Canmore is the Larch neighbourhood, reached via Larch Avenue extending from 17th Street, near the Canmore Golf and Curling Club and the Bow River.

Amenities: Canmore High School, Recreation Centre, Skateboard Park and Lions Park with tennis courts. Very close to the Bow River trails, downtown shops, and Railway shopping area.

Building Types: Mainly single family homes.

Peaks of Grassi Canmore

Area: An earlier development of Three Sisters, Peaks of Grassi and Quarry Pines sit below Grassi Mountain, up the slope past the powerline trail.

Amenities: Just steps from Quarry Lake and Canmore’s largest off-leash dog park. Lots of great hiking and biking trails heading to the Nordic Centre, downtown, and up to the reservoir.

Building Types: Single family homes, multi-family homes, and townhouses.

Rundleview Canmore

Location: Nearest to the Nordic Centre you will find Rundleview, just beyond Quarry Lake on Spray Lakes Road, overlooking the valley.

Amenities: This quiet and beautiful area is hidden in the woods, centrally located with trails to Quarry Lake, the Nordic Centre, the Bow River and the reservoir.

Building Types: Single family homes and several multi-unit townhouses.

Prospect Heights Canmore

Area: The Prospect Heights neighbourhood is just off the southwest side of Three Sisters Drive.

Amenities: River trails take you towards downtown or out to Three Sisters.

Building Types: Single family homes and townhouses.

Silvertip Canmore

Area: The exclusive neighbourhood of Silvertip is in the northeast end of Canmore, above Eagle Terrace. Easy access from the highway 1 or Benchlands trail to the winding road up off Palliser Trail. This is a beautiful sunny area with excellent views of the Three Sisters.

Building Types: Growing around the Silvertip Resort Golf Course, housing is mostly single family homes and luxurious townhouses. This area is definitely still growing.

South Canmore

Area: South Canmore is the residential area south of main street between the Bow River to the south/west and Policemen’s Creek/Spring Creek to the east. The streets are laid out in the same grid pattern of the original 1885 town design.

Amenities: Steps from the shopping and restaurants of downtown, as well as the beautiful river pathways along the Bow. Also nearby are Centennial Park, Lawrence Grassi Middle School (along with it’s fantastic park), and the Canmore Daycare. Millennium Park close by also boasts a soccer field and baseball diamond.

Building Types: New & Rustic Single family homes, duplexes, and modern fourplexes.

TeePee Town Canmore

Area: Teepee town is a small, mature neighbourhood on the east side of Bow Valley Trail beside the Canmore Hospital.

Amenities: Central access to shops, hotels and restaurants downtown and along Bow Valley Trail. Near the High School, Recreation Centre, Elevation Place and the east end of the Legacy Trail.

Building Types: Single family homes & duplexes.

Spring Creek Canmore

Area: Named for Spring Creek and Policemen’s Creek just south of Main Street.

Amenities: Central to downtown, river trails, Railway Ave. shopping and Elevation place.

Building Types: Apartment style-condominiums, villas, work-home suites, retail shops, and some single family homes.

Three Sisters Mountain Village Canmore

Area: Along Three Sisters Parkway south and east towards Dead Man’s Flats. Communities include The Cairns,  Crossbow, Dyrgas, Miskow, Hubman Landing, and Stewart Creek Landing. Many new developments are planned and ongoing. Streets are named after early settler and miner families while the area is named for the Three Sisters Mountains high above.

Amenities: Gorgeous and extensive network of paved trails plus many non-paved trails, and a frisbee golf course. Our Lady of the Snows Catholic School and it’s grounds are well placed, ad you’ll also find the Stewart Creek Golf Course here. Dyrgas Gate has pharmacy/general store, some retail and offices, and the popular Market Bistro restaurant.

Building Types: Single family detached homes, duplexes, apartment style & townhouse condominiums.