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Spring Creek Canmore – Everything you Need to Know!

Spring Creek Canmore airbnb real estate

Anyone visiting Canmore will find it so easy to understand why they call Spring Creek the “Heart” of town! This wonderful neighbourhood is an iconic spot located just off of main street and nestled close to downtown shopping and restaurants. Gorgeous buildings, great amenities, and some of the best scenery in the Bow Valley await you in this stunning area.

Having helped many clients buy successfully in Spring Creek, I have an intimate understanding of this specific market area. Spring Creek real estate can come at a premium and can be different than other buildings and properties in Canmore. Spring Creek sits on 70 acres of prime land between two spring-fed creeks: Spring Creek and Policeman’s Creek.

Today, let’s talk about what makes Spring Creek so special. Also be sure to check out my youtube video showcasing this wonderful area of town! As always, feel free to reach out to me via text, call or email if you have any questions. I’m here to help!

  • Spring Creek Canmore History
  • Spring Creek Real Estate Types
  • Spring Creek Amenities
  • What Makes Spring Creek Special?
Dan McGuire Spring Creek Real Estate Canmore

Spring Creek Canmore History

The Neighbourhood of Spring Creek didn’t always look the way it does today! This area of town has a history as long as Canmore’s. Originally the area was home to the Canmore Dairy Farm and purchased from the Pendergast Family back in 1926, and had a barn until 1949 when cabins were built on the site.

In 1950 the Government of Canada began construction on the Trans-Canada Highway spanning the country. Construction for our section here through Canmore began in 1956, and Spring Creek became a camp for workers involved in the project.

Eventually, the area evolved into the Restwell Mobile Home Park and Campground, hosting 220 mobile home sites, 250 RV sites, and various smaller buildings and homes. Some of these buildings are still in Spring Creek today, including many of the mobile homes where some area workers still live.

In 2004, developer Frank Kernick unveiled plans for the redevelopment for the area. Frank’s family has called the Spring Creek lands home for three generations, and the key to the development has always been responsible stewardship and forward-thinking.

Spring Creek Real Estate Types

What types of real estate are there in Spring Creek today? Taking a stroll or drive through the area, it may seem like a proliferation of condominium buildings wrought in gorgeous local stone and timber. It’s important to note though that there are several types of dwelling, as well as important use distinctions. Taking a walk down any of the side streets or lanes can reveal a world of trails and unique homes.

Types of dwelling in Spring Creek include:

  • Condominiums
  • Townhomes (Streamside & Creekside)
  • A handful of Detached Homes (Spring Creek Lane)
  • Legacy Detached Homes (On Spring Creek Drive)
  • Live-Work Studios
  • Commercial Units

When it comes to uses in Spring Creek, further distinctions are made which can impact your use:

Spring Creek Amenities

Spring Creek has plenty of amenities within its bounds! Ground level shops provide lots of options on foot in the area. The Mineshaft Tavern and Red Gables Deli are great for a quick bite. The Malcolm Hotel, Canmore’s Crown Jewel, hosts the Stirling Lounge & Grill as well as the Pulse Coffee Bar. Art galleries, aesthetics and a local wine shop round out the local offerings here. Many of the individual buildings offer hot tubs, gyms and other amenities. The Spring Creek Opera House also makes a great venue for weddings, meetings and more!

Even if you can’t find what you need in the area, you’re only steps to Canmore’s downtown shopping area. Great restaurants, local businesses, easy trails and beautiful parks are close by. So is Elevation Place: our local recreation centre complete with climbing wall and aquatic centre – perfect for families.

What Makes Spring Creek Different?

When I speak to clients or folks new to our area, they often ask: What makes Spring Creek Different? Taking one look at the price tags for units in this area, one can only wonder why costs are increased for the properties here. I often say that it comes down to a few key things: location, quality, and layouts.

Spring Creek as a location is nearly unrivalled in Canmore. Essentially you are in South Canmore (our oldest neighbourhood), but without the power lines and with more nature! Nearly every unit looks out onto mountain views, beautiful streams, pathways or forest. One drawback may be the proximity to the rail line for some units, but this is something many properties in Canmore contend with and may only be a minor issue for some.

Quality of the buildings is probably the next biggest factor. Often I will tour clients through various local properties, and when we arrive at a unit in Spring Creek, there is no denying the feeling that something is different here. Stone, timbers, and high-end finishes fill every property. Even older units have the same feeling – a notion that quality was put first, rather than pace of build or price. The layouts of the units speak to the same, with most 2 bedroom units coming in well over 1000sqft, and many residences coming with adequate parking, storage, and livability. Spring Creek often makes the ideal place to Downsize into as a retiree.

Canmore’s Perfect Neighbourhood?

Maybe! Of course no area is truly perfect, and each neighbourhood will come with its own drawbacks. Different properties will always appeal to individuals in different ways. But if you’re looking for a mountain community crafted with quality and an unparalleled local feel – Spring Creek may be for you. As always, I’m here to help you with your search or with navigating the pre-sale process for new builds. No question is too small so feel free to get in touch!