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The Best Way to Sell Your Home in Canmore

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The Best Way to Sell Your Home in Canmore

When the time comes to sell your home in Canmore, there are so many questions that come up. What do we do to prepare? What are our most important goals? Who can we work with to help us determine and achieve them? What is the market like right now, and how can we get the highest price?

Today, I’d like to explore some of the key steps nearly all home sellers should consider before putting their home on the market.

In this article:

  • How to prepare to sell your house in Canmore
  • Determining your goals as a Canmore home seller
  • The current market and achieving the best possible outcome

Preparing to sell your house in Canmore

When representing buyers, I’ve walked in the door of so many listings, only to find unmade beds, crumbs on floors, and dirty dishes in the sink. So many important showings go down the drain when the buyers walk in the door and immediately get the vibe that “this most definitely is NOT the place for us!”

Now, this doesn’t mean you need to spend thousands of dollars on redecorating. Staging could be a great option for some sellers. I always coach my sellers on a few easy tips that usually get the job done very well:

  1. Fix things up! Walk around your home and try things out. Does a door stick in its frame? Leaky faucet? These might be minor to you, but they could come up during a showing. They most certainly will come up in a home inspection though – and buyers will try to negotiate money off the price because of these. Make sure everything is in top shape before you list.
  2. Declutter! Before photography, and certainly before showings, put all of the things you normally use away. As busy people in an active community, outdoor gear can easily pile up in our entryways. If you’re a great cook (like my wife), your kitchen counter can become an extension of your pantry or cupboards. Buyers don’t need to see this! So let’s declutter and put things away.
  3. Depersonalize! We all love our stuff. Some “stuff”, though, can leave an outsized impression on buyers considering a purchase of your property. Maybe you have a guest room painted a shocking pink colour (because it used to be your daughters room before she went to college). Try white instead – bringing spaces and styles back to a neutral palette allows potential buyers to see themselves in your home.

Determining your goals as a Canmore home seller

A key thing many homeowners overlook is what their main goal is in their sale. What is your primary goal with this transaction? For some people, selling their home is just a step along the way to their next home (which they might have already found). For others, it’s an investment decision based solely on the numbers. Most, in my experience, are simply looking for a stress-free process.

  • Is a high price most important to you, or is a quick sale more ideal?
  • What are you looking for in your next home? Have you made steps towards finding and securing that home?
  • What is the most important thing for you to get out of this process? (ie. communication, ease, stress-free)

The sale of your home is an incredibly personal experience. Make sure you get exactly what you want out of the process!

The Current Market and Achieving the Best Possible Outcome

Getting a good handle on the market is the best way to find out where your home will sit within it. Is Spring really the best time to sell? What about right now? It’s important to know what’s going on in the marketplace before you put things in motion.

Working with a trusted local real estate agent is often the best choice for home Sellers in Canmore. A solid agent should provide you with current & historical market information, as well as a detailed plan for how they will market your home. It’s important to shop around and choose an agent you feel will meet your needs and expectations. Some agents may work in large teams, and before long you find yourself handed off to a subordinate or assistant.

In my opinion, the best possible outcome for a Seller is a quick sale at a price you’re happy with. A good agent will never force you into a certain price point, or try to reduce the list price on your property without sufficient evidence and a clear discussion. It’s important that your needs as a homeowner are always considered and that you always agree with what’s happening with the sale. Your agent should provide high-quality photography & a smart marketing plan, and keep you updated on how things are going every step of the way.

The Best Way to Sell Your Home in Canmore

If you’re considering the sale of your property, be it your home, vacation property, or investment – let’s connect. When I work with home sellers in Canmore, my focus is always on your goals. Personalizing the process, de-stressing negotiations, and getting you the highest price possible. I’m always available by text, call, or email if you have questions on the Canmore market, my services, or need any information at all. Cheers!