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The Most Expensive Canmore House Sold

147 cairns the most expensive house in canmore ever sold
Photo: Maxwell Capital Realty, 147 Cairns Landing, the most expensive Canmore house ever sold.

The most expensive Canmore house has just been sold.

The high cost of housing is certainly no quiet topic in this small mountain town – any glimpse at the local paper will often provide multiple articles on the housing crisis, affordability, and what the town and its people are trying to do about it. I’ve also written extensively on some of these concerns, and with a young family myself and lots of clients searching for affordable homes, I’m no stranger to what these high prices can mean.

In this short article though, let’s have some fun and look at the most expensive homes and condos in Canmore. These are certainly listings reserved for the top 1% (or 0.01%?). After all, few families require 10,000sqft – or a pickle ball court. We will also take a quick look at how some of these prices stack up against other provinces, and the most expensive house I could find sold in Canada, anywhere.

All prices and numbers are accurate as of the May 2024 writing date.

The Most Expensive House ever Listed in Canmore (but not sold)

Back in 2012, we saw the most expensive home ever listed in Canmore come to market – 123 Cairns Landing. This home is simply enormous by our standards here, and the listing received national media attention. At 11,718sqft of finished space, this home dwarfs most other multi-million dollar listings, which tend to top out in the 7,000-8,000sqft range.

With features including a great hall with totem poles, six bedrooms, hidden staircase leading to a stone wine grotto, massive wood-burning fireplaces, two-storey library, opulent kitchen, lavish formal dining room, designer furnishings & fabrics, passenger elevator, lower level theatre room & large games room, plus “Chauffeur’s quarters” above the triple car coach house.

Unfortunately, the $12,700,000.00 price tag proved too much for most buyers, and after 720 days on market, the listing was expired. It’s possible the home has sold privately since. This remains the highest priced listing in Canmore history.

The Most Expensive Condo ever SOLD in Canmore

Before we get to the most expensive house ever SOLD in Canmore below, let’s take a quick detour to see the most expensive Condo ever sold. Heading back to 2006-2007, before the Great Financial Crisis, we saw 300-1080 Railway Avenue sell for an astonishing $2,300,000.00 on an initial list price of $2,700,000.00.

This 3,850sqft penthouse located in the centre of town shopping features 270 degrees of spectacular mountain scenery from the ceiling high windows and expansive balconies. With no expense spared in the finishings, the listing wasn’t for everyone off the bat – and it took just over 200 days to sell. But Sell it did!

At the moment, we have another potentially atmospheric condo actively listed in town, with 304-140 Stone Creek Road, in Silvertip. At a price of $2,098,000.00, this 3 bedroom, 2689sqft condo is truly a diamond for the right buyer.

The Most Expensive House ever SOLD in Canmore

This record was just broken with a closing in May 2024. 147 Cairns Landing sold for a whopping $7,500,000.00, on a list price of $7,988,000.00. This home boasts 6 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, 3 living rooms, hot tub & gym, a formal dining room, plus a theatre and an elevator.

Across its 7,821sqft of finished space, it features opulent and distinctive finishes such as venetian plaster walls, Bordeaux granite, back-lit onyx, Taj Mahal marble, and master artisan oak detailing and cabinetry harmonize with the natural colours, visual textures, and unique character of the serene mountain surroundings. Situated on a 23,500 sqft expansive riverside lot, there is plenty of room to play and enjoy the scenery.

How long will this remain the most expensive home ever sold in Canmore? At the moment, a home in Silvertip is actively listed with a price tag of over $8,700,000. If they achieve a price even near that number, its likely they will take the crown!

What is the Most Expensive House Ever SOLD in Canada?

If you had to take one guess where this might be, you’d be remiss to guess anywhere but pricey Vancouver. Perhaps the bubbliest (depending on your perspective) of markets across Canada, this West Coast City has long been the poster child for sky-high prices.

Owned by Chip Wilson, the Founder of Lululemon, 3085 Point Grey Road is worth an estimated $74,000,000.00. This eye-popping amount is close to what we tend to see on TV in markets like New York City and Los Angeles’ Beverly Hills. But West-Coast markets like Vancouver and Whistler show exactly where some real estate markets truly have room to run.

Is it possible a home in Canmore, Alberta could be worth tens of Millions one day? Anything is possible!