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3 Reasons to Work From Home in Canmore!

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3 Reasons to Work From Home in Canmore!

Why not work from home in Canmore, Alberta? Get out of the city and live the life you were meant to!

So much in our world has changed over the past year or so, largely due to the pandemic. Thankfully vaccine programs are running well, and things are returning to normal (albeit a little slowly for some). At the time of this writing, I’ve gotten my first jab. After getting it, I couldn’t help but feel a major sense of optimism that things will return to normal some day soon.

But what are some of the lasting changes that might stick around, once things return to “normal”?

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Working From Home in Canmore, Alberta, Canada

A big change that (I think) many employees and employers are thinking won’t go back to normal is the trend of working from home. At the onset of the pandemic, everyone seemed to be stuck at home. Most workers who could do their job remotely were advised to stay put and telecommute – mostly to great success.

Now, over a year later, people are still working from home. Stats Canada reports that as of February 2021 3.1 million Canadians were working from home. In 2016, it was estimated 4% of the Canadian workforce aged 15-69 completed most of their work from home. At the start of 2021, this number is at 32%!

Check out my 3 reasons why Canmore, Alberta is a top Canadian location to work from home below:

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1. Live The Active Lifestyle You’ve Always Wanted

How many times have you been sitting in the office, just thinking about the next time you can get out and do what you really love? Whether its biking, hiking, skiing or snowboarding, everything you could imagine doing outdoors is right here in Canmore!

Get out and kayak on the Bow river. Photograph the northern lights with a group of like-minded locals. Discover the magic of nature and wildlife with your children. Reconnect with who you have always wanted to be!

When you live in a place like Canmore, world-class trails are just out your door. Cross-country skiing & biking at the Nordic Centre, championship downhill and big-mountain skiing at Lake Louise & Sunshine Village Resorts, plus so much more is right at your fingertips.

What are you waiting for?

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2. Own One Home that does it ALL!

Most people who make the work from home move come from Calgary, as it’s so close you could still head to the office. But maybe you’re coming from a market like Toronto, Vancouver, or Montreal? I have clients from across Canada constantly reaching out to find out what life is like in the rockies. Why?

In Canmore, you can have one home that does it all. Most people in city markets spend their vacation time stuck in traffic (hopefully not the 400 in Ontario…), driving to their cottage or cabin, just for a few brief hours of relaxation, activity, and fun.

Stop commuting to the property where you ACTUALLY want to be!

Here in Canmore, you can have a home that works for all of your needs, like this 2700sqft, 4 bed 4 bath above. Imagine this: bedrooms for the kids, offices for you and your partner, a yard for the dog. A patio with stunning mountain views for your morning coffee. A double garage for all of your new mountain toys. Need to fly for business, or want to make a trip to Costco to stock up? It’s all just an hour away in Calgary.

One home, rather than a stuffy city condo + dated vacation property, means one mortgage, one set of bills, one place that fulfills all of your needs.

Did I mention you can write-off part of your home, if it’s also your office?

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3. Be part of an Amazing Community

This is so important! I grew up in a city (200K+ people), and honestly, I never felt any real connection to where I lived or the people around me. Stop being just a cog in a machine that doesn’t even resemble a community!

Canmore is a small town with big credentials. No, we are not a group of farmers clustered around our “gas station/only restaurant/liquor store/grocery store/bait shop” all in oneNo offence to farmers or other small towns – both of which I love!

We have a world of people here – literally. Canmore is a gathering place for travellers from across the world. Many come to visit, only to end up staying for a lifetime. It’s not uncommon to spend your days hiking with Germans, Indians, Austrians, Danes, French (from France & Quebec), Japanese, Chinese and all other people from cultures and countries the world over.

This diverse group brings so much colour to our community – be it from our fabulous restaurants and cafes, to our strong education and fantastic schools. Our inclusive community strives to achieve better – be it for the environment, families, or for local businesses.

Be a part of the world here – truly – just on a more intimate scale.

3 Reasons to Work From Home in Canmore!

If anything you’ve just read above is resonating with you, let’s get in touch today. I’ve helped lots of couples and families find their perfect new mountain home, whether its for full-on WFH living, or just a vacation property (for now!). I’m always ready to FaceTime clients through properties, and to be your boots-on-the-ground. For me, no question is too small when it comes to finding the mountain home of your dreams.


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