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Canmore Buyer Agent

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Canmore Buyer Agent – Dan McGuire

You’re a buyer looking at homes in Canmore, but are unsure how to find an agent to help you in your search or to secure a home you’ve found.

Sound familiar?

The real estate market in Canmore can feel like “a shark tank” (actual words from my clients). Its fast. Daunting. Where do you even start? Who can you reach out to?

Let’s talk about a key mistake to avoid, and how you can connect with someone who can truly guide you through the process. A good buyer’s agent with your interests in mind will make the process easy, informative, and give you great communication every step of the way.

  • The Seller has their own agent, working in the Seller’s best interests.
  • Its your right to have an Agent on your side – with an obligation to work in your best interests!
  • Get the real data, info, listings and advice you need.
  • It costs you nothing to have me represent you as a buyer!

Canmore homes for sale

The Seller has their own agent, working in only the Seller’s best interests

You see a great property on, and decide to call the listing agent to get more info and possibly arrange a showing in hopes of making a purchase. Even though you are unrepresented, they offer to show you the property and maybe even to assist you in preparing an offer.

Never forget this one key fact: Listing Agents have signed an agreement to work for the seller and only act in the Seller’s interest. The Seller is their client – you, as a Buyer, are a “customer” to them. They have no obligation to disclose anything negative about the property to you besides material latent defects.

If the Buyer is unrepresented, both the Buyer and the Seller can agree to be represented by the same Agent. Sometimes this can work just fine, and the Agent (previously committed to the Seller) works as a “transaction facilitator”. Note: often the agent will collect double the commission in this case.

It’s up to you to decide if this is a situation you are comfortable with.

Have a Canmore Agent on your side – with an obligation to work only in your best interests!

As a consumer, you ALWAYS have the right to have an agent on your side. When you have your own Canmore agent representing you, you have someone obligated to work in a fiduciary capacity for you. That means they can only do what is in your best interests, and must comply with your requests (as long as they are legal).

An agent who is already engaged to work for the seller has one job in mind: sell their property for the highest price in the shortest amount of time, period.

When you engage your own Canmore agent, you truly get an equal footing in the search, negotiation, and transaction process. That means you have an unbiased, honest expert in your corner.

Get the Real data, info, listings and advice you need

As your Canmore real estate agent, I will always give you unbiased data, advice and information. I can help you read through the lines to avoid condo corps with issues and understand contracts. Through our private listing portal, I will send you real listings that aren’t sold, expired or non-existent.

Stop combing through dead links and properties that are already sold!

It costs you nothing to have me represent you as a Canmore buyer!

You will never pay any real estate commissions or fees when I represent you as a buyer. That’s because I always make the seller’s brokerage pay my office commission. This is laid out in advance by the seller, so there is never any detriment to you in negotiations or contracting.

Let’s work together and keep more money in your pocket, while finding you the right property.

Canmore Buyer Agent – Dan McGuire

The Canmore real estate landscape can be scary, but with the right agent in your corner, you can find exactly what you’re looking for. I specialize in helping buyers in our market, because I’m truly interested in negotiating hard to get you the best price.

If you’re looking for help or advice, I’m always just a text or call away. Let’s connect and work together on your property search!

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