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Choosing the right Canmore Real Estate Agent for You

Choosing the right Canmore Real Estate Agent for You

The Canmore real estate market is so dynamic and fast moving. Not to mention filled with gorgeous homes! With that, when looking to buy or sell your mountain home there is a wide variety of excellent Canmore real estate agents to choose from. It’s easy for most people to realize they want to live in this idyllic, beautiful town. When it comes to choosing an agent to represent you however, the choice isn’t always so simple.

Today, let’s look at the ways each Canmore real estate agent can differ and what they could potentially offer you in regards to your transaction.

  1. Not every Canmore real estate agent is a REALTOR®
  2. Shop around – Canmore agents are not all the same.
  3. Marketing Matters!

1. Not Every Canmore Real Estate Agent is a REALTOR®!

This is a common public misconception. So often, consumers and members of the public use the term REALTOR® and “real estate agent” interchangeably. In fact, many real estate professionals are guilty of the exact same thing. There are important differences between the two.

Canmore Real Estate Agent

A real estate agent is a person who has completed the education required to obtain a professional license to help people buy and sell real estate. This can be either residential, commercial, or rural. Real estate agents (or professionals) can also help manage rental properties in different capacities.

In Alberta, real estate professionals are regulated and licensed by the Real Estate Council of Alberta (RECA). They provide educational resources for professionals and the public, as well as means of accountability. RECA administers a Consumer Protection Fund which compensates consumers who suffer a financial loss in real estate transactions due to fraud or breach of trust.

Canmore REALTOR®

Every REALTOR® is a real estate agent, but not every real estate agent is a REALTOR®. To be a REALTOR®, the agent must be a member of The Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA). To be a member of CREA, an agent is expected to be:

  • Committed to the REALTOR® Code: A REALTOR® will ensure you get the information you need to make the most informed decision possible. This includes comparable prices, housing market conditions and neighbourhood trends.
  • Knowledgeable about developments in real estate
  • Actively updating education through courses, workshops and other professional development, a REALTOR® maintains a high level of current knowledge about real estate.
  • Access: REALTORS® have access to Board MLS® Systems, which facilitate the cooperate sale of properties to benefit consumers.

Benefits of a Canmore REALTOR®

Whether buying or selling a home, you can trust that your REALTOR® will ensure the transaction is completed competently and professionally. You don’t have to worry about the details – your REALTOR® can take care of them for you. You can get advice from someone with an intimate knowledge of the local housing market. And you can count on the help of a professional who has committed to serve with integrity and competence.

2. Shop around – Canmore agents are not all the same!

This is another common public misconception – that all services and pricing to list your home are basically the same no matter who you work with. In fact, it is a violation of the Competition Act to engage in “price-fixing” in any market. This includes the real estate market.

Pricing and services provided can vary widely between brokerages and individual real estate agents. Just because you have been using the same Canmore real estate agent for years, doesn’t mean you are getting the best service or pricing when it comes to marketing your home. In fact, by checking with a handful of local Canmore real estate agents, you can likely find the best service for your needs at the most agreeable price for you.

3. Marketing Matters!

When it comes to selling your Canmore property, it’s not just marketing your home that matters. Canmore real estate agents who are actively marketing themselves personally throughout the community will be able to do more than just show your home to X number of people. They will be connecting with buyers and sellers throughout the marketplace constantly where it matters most.

Often, real estate agents will simply follow the “Three P’s of Real Estate”: Put up a sign, Put it on MLS®, and PRAY. This is something few consumers realize until their home has been listed for months, with several price drops, and major delays in their future plans to move.

The best Canmore real estate agents will use a tailored mix of internet, social media, physical (ie. Signage), traditional (ie. Print), and direct marketing to ensure your property gets the attention it needs to sell for the highest price in the least time possible.

Dan McGuire, REALTOR®

When it comes to helping clients buying or selling a home in Canmore, I pride myself on the outstanding service I provide. As a member of the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA), Alberta Real Estate Association (AREA), and Alberta West Realtor’s Association (AWRA), my professionalism and focus is solely on my satisfied clients.

Feel free to give me a quick email, text, or call any time to get hassle-free insights and information when you’re looking at buying or selling a house in Canmore. If you’re looking to sell your home, I’d be happy to provide you with a competitive second opinion. I will outline for you the tailor-made, leading strategy I use to market homes to buyers throughout the Canmore area.

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