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How to find the BEST Canmore Houses for Sale!

How to find the best Dan McGuire - Canmore Houses for Sale

How to find the best Canmore Houses for Sale

Wondering how you can find the best Canmore houses for sale?

With so many competing websites vying for your attention, something as simple as a Google search can come up with an endless list of spam. Yikes! You might get a stream of listings, but how can you even tell if they are currently active or years old? If you’re looking for a Canmore real estate agent, the same thing might happen – a long list of stale profiles and questionably-aged photographs. No thanks!

Let’s look at 3 smart ways you can find the best Canmore houses for sale, right now.

Dan McGuire - Canmore Real Estate Agent

1. Connect with a local REALTOR® you know you can trust.

This is so important! Even if you have experience in the Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver or Toronto real estate markets, it’s important to go with a local expert. Working with someone who has knowledge about the different types of housing in Canmore is so crucial to improving your understanding of the marketplace. A good Canmore real estate agent will educate you on all of your options, and show you properties that you might not have considered or been able to find on your own. Your Canmore real estate agent should negotiate exclusively on your behalf, and act only in your best interests at all times.

Don’t rely on agents who promote themselves solely on their “track record”. Few are easily verified, and some are outright not true! Go with an agent who demonstrates to you the value they will provide you in your transaction, right nownot “what they did” 5, 10, or 20 years ago. Focus on your experience and what they do for you.

Most importantly – the best agents will go above and beyond, and provide you with key market insights & inside knowledge. They will work to find your ideal property, even going as far as knocking on doors if you know the neighbourhood you’re most interested in (I do this for my clients all the time!).

The best Canmore agent will find you the best house in Canmore, and not stop until they do!

How to find Canmore Houses for Sale

2. Go with a Brokerage with a solid reputation.

Let’s say you prefer to pick a brokerage rather than an agent. Thats totally fair. If you’re looking to purchase a vacation, retirement or investment property in Canmore, you may have worked with different brokerages in your current locale. Maybe you’re looking to buy your first home in Canmore and are having difficulty deciding between a few with familiar signs. Who should you go with?

At Engel & Völkers Banff Canmore, we offer a world class approach and bespoke experience for all our clients. Our teams possess unrivalled market knowledge, a collaborative spirit, and a love for life in the Bow Valley. We understand that real estate is more than just the data and numbers. Let us help guide you in this unique market whether you are a local, or a visitor who has fallen in love with this place, as we have. We are your market experts!

A mountain biker - Canmore Houses for sale


3. Get out and see properties around town for yourself!

This is a crucial step in finding the best Canmore houses for sale! Get out to Canmore as often as you can. Explore each neighbourhood and find out what speaks to you in a mountain home. Grab a coffee and take a drive down to Three Sisters or Quarry Lake. Leash up the dog and walk the streets of South Canmore or Cougar Creek. Maybe you’re already very familiar with the trails and peaks of Canmore, but now is  great time to learn more about the streets.

Walk past houses and buildings and ask yourself or your family what you like most about them. Is it the building materials, the landscaping, the view? Is this a more recently developed neighbourhood, or an older, more mature area? Digging deeper into what exactly you might be looking for will help you make sense of the listings that are out there when you connect with a real estate agent. Who knows, you might even see a “For Sale” sign on the property of your dreams while you’re out there!

How to find the best Canmore Houses for Sale

If you’re curious about the Canmore real estate market, types of homes available or the neighbourhoods here, reach out to me. I’m always happy to chat with people and families looking to explore the Canmore housing market. I pride myself on helping my clients find the best Canmore home for them. Cheers!

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