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Canmore & Cochrane Real Estate Associate Broker Dan McGuire

canmore cochrane real estate broker dan mcguire

Wow – I’m so excited to share that I have now achieved the completion of my Associate Broker licence! I couldn’t be happier to bring my improved wealth of professional knowledge and experience to the Canmore and Cochrane real estate markets.

This has been a years long educational journey that only a select few agents choose to embark on. In fact, of the dozens and dozens of real estate agents in the Canmore & Cochrane area, only a select handful (likely less than ten) have completed their Broker licensing.

What’s the difference between an Associate, an Associate Broker, and a Broker, though?

Today, let’s break down the additional skills you get from your agent as a consumer when you choose to work with an Associate Broker. As always, if you are looking for an experienced Agent with a great track record for working with consumers of all types, feel free to contact me directly! No question is too small and I’m always available to help.

Real Estate Associate vs. Broker in Alberta

In Alberta, there are essentially three types of real estate licence:

  • Associate
  • Associate Broker
  • Broker (and Brokerage)

Real Estate Associate

When you complete the initial education to become licensed in real estate by the Real Estate Council of Alberta (RECA), you are designated as an Associate. All associates must be registered with a licensed Brokerage to trade in real estate in Alberta. The initial education typically consists of the core course, plus one specialty course, often Residential real estate. There are four specialty courses: residential, commercial, property management, and rural.

Associate Broker

An Associate Broker must complete all of the same educational and licensing requirements of a Broker. This includes specialization and licensing in Residential, Commercial, Property Management, and Rural real estate. The Associate Broker must also complete the Broker Course to become education on brokerage operations and law. An Associate Broker can have up to 4x the specialization of an Associate, in addition to the detailed knowledge of managing a brokerage, maintaining trusts, and managing Associates in Alberta.

Broker (and Brokerage)

The difference between an Associate Broker and a Broker is that there can only be one designated Broker at each Brokerage, who is ultimately responsible for the operations of all associates. The Broker may or may not be the owner of the Brokerage, but is responsible for trust account monitoring and the conduct and actions of all associates registered with the Brokerage. Each Brokerage also has its own license issued by RECA.

An Associate Broker has the same amount of knowledge and specialization of a Broker, but without the Broker responsibilities.

Why work with a Canmore & Cochrane Real Estate Broker?

Working with an Associate Broker can provide you with more reassurance and confidence in your decisions when dealing with real estate trades. As an Associate Broker, I am able to advise you on matters relating to not just residential real estate. I can share detailed knowledge on the law and potential hazards and issues that can come with property management, rural properties and commercial real estate.

As an Associate Broker, my focus is to help to protect you from the pitfalls that can occur when professionals step outside of their bounds. Knowing when not to act in real estate can be just as important as knowing when to make the right decision correctly. Having a fulsome knowledge of the functions of the Real Estate Act, Brokerage operations, trading in all areas of real estate and the associated risks gives me the tools to help my clients succeed.

If you’re looking for a dedicated professional with the experience to help you achieve the best outcome in your next transaction, let’s connect. Even if you aren’t ready to make a move yet, please feel free to call, text or email me anytime if you have any questions on all types of real estate in Alberta.