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The Secret Canmore MLS You Need to Know About

the secret canmore mls only Canmore realtors use

Did you know that Canmore has it’s own private “MLS” system? Probably not!

If you’re searching for properties in Canmore, Banff, Harvie Heights, Dead Man’s Flats, Exshaw and the surrounding area, chances are you’ve taken a glance at to browse listings. This is a great resource for hopeful buyers learning about the market!

Other Buyers who are really considering properties may want to delve deeper, though. An automatic search is often the best way to get information on properties delivered directly to your inbox, the second they hit the market.

But – not all searches are created equal.

Nearly all real estate agents who are members of AREA and CREA will have access to the same portal/data stream that generates listings for (Yes, this is a lot of professional associations to be a member of. I’m part of the Calgary Real Estate Board even still!)

Only local Canmore & area agents who are members of the Canmore Real Estate Brokers Group will have access to this private system, however. And luckily for my clients, I’m a member of this exclusive group as well.

Why is that so important, though? Read on!

  • What makes the private Canmore MLS different?
  • Why its worth it to work with a local Canmore Realtor
  • How you can gain free access to the Private Portal

You can’t find the right property for your needs if you aren’t looking at the right ones!

canmore zoning on the private MLS

What Makes the private Canmore MLS different?

The private Canmore MLS is similar to the public MLS in a lot of ways. Typically, I will help a client determine what their budget might be and go over what some of the potential options are. Often I’ll go over some of the benefits and pitfalls to a particular area of town, or a particular type of property.

Once we set a budget and key criteria (let’s say, number of bedrooms and bathrooms), the client will start to receive emails either daily or instantly once new properties come up.

Unfortunately – and this comes up a lot – there isn’t really a way to sort for amazing mountain views or ridiculously good prices. These are just things a solid local Canmore realtor can help you find and discover.

Perhaps the most important thing about the private Canmore MLS is that it can help you filter for listings based on local type or zoning. Anyone looking for an investment property or vacation home in Canmore will know this is such a big piece of the puzzle.

Having the ability to discern between Tourist Homes and Residential properties is very important in Canmore. If you’re looking for a retirement residence, that last place you want to be is smack in the middle of a dozen Airbnbs. Likewise – there’s no sense in getting your hopes up on a potential vacation rental, only to find out it isn’t meant to be rented nightly.

You can’t find the right property for your needs if you aren’t looking at the right ones!

Why its worth it to work with a Local Canmore Realtor

Only members of the Canmore Real Estate Brokers Group have access to this private system. It’s important to note though – not all agents local to Canmore are part of this group. Also – agents from outside the area may expand their services to include areas like Canmore. This is totally fine!

Any agent worth their salt should be able to represent you fairly in a transaction anywhere. Lots of agents from Calgary and the surrounding area will likely also be familiar with Canmore and know a thing or two about how the market operates.

In fact – I help Buyers in Calgary as well. Cochrane is also a key market for my clients.

A local agent will not only give you access to the Private Portal though – they may also be able to provide you with key information about different neighbourhoods, local happenings, and community updates that could be beneficial to know about ahead of making a purchase.

When Selling your property in Canmore, if your agent is part of CREBG and has access to the private system, this could also be a big win. Not only will you get provincial and nationwide exposure on the main MLS – you will also have your property marketed directly to savvy Buyers choosing to search through this portal.

Curious about the Canmore MLS?

If you want to start searching for properties in the Canmore, Harvie Heights, Dead Man’s Flats, Exshaw or Banff areas – let’s get in touch. I’d be happy to discuss your budget and different options with you, and then we can get started on a Private Portal search to get the listings you want delivered right to you.

There is no cost, no pressure, and I never pester my clients with endless phone calls and messages. And as always – no question is too small and I’m always available via text, call or email.