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Grande Rockies Resort Condos for Sale – Everything you need to know about Hotel Condos

Grande rockies resort canmore for sale condo

Grande Rockies Resort Condos for Sale – Everything you need to know about Hotel Condos

Grande Rockies Resort is easily one of the most sought after properties in with condos for sale in Canmore! The draw of this beautiful building and its amazing amenities brings both guests & investors in droves. What family wouldn’t want to stay at the resort with an indoor waterslide?!

For the savvy Canmore real estate investor, Grande Rockies has a great value proposition and major appeal. With 1, 2 & 3 bedroom properties here, there are lots of options for bringing your dream of a revenue property you can use to life.

In this article, let’s look at the essential things to know when considering Grande Rockies Resort condos for sale. If you have questions about specific listings at Grande Rockies (or other Canmore properties), please feel free to reach out to me personally. I’m always happy to assist you in making sense of the details before making any decisions. I’m just a text or call away!

In this article:

  • Grande Rockies Resort Stats & Amenities
  • Condo Fee inclusions
  • Rental Pool details
  • Is there Fractional Ownership Grande Rockies?
  • Can you Airbnb at Grande Rockies?
  • My Property Rating
Grande rockies resort canmore lobby
Grande Rockies Resort Canmore Lobby 

Grande Rockies Resort Stats & Amenities

Grande Rockies Resort Canmore is located at 901 Mountain Street, closer to the “action” of Bow Valley Trail & Downtown than other resort properties. This makes it extra-walkable for guests to head to Elevation Place, Main Street, groceries & more.

Excellent amenities make the resort extremely popular for families with children, couples and vacationers.


  • Mostly zoned for nightly rentals (recreational/visitor accommodation/hotel condo), as well as some units being zoned as Tourist Homes, allowing for both nighty rental & full time/monthly residence.
  • Grande Rockies is located in a single building, at 901 Mountain Street, Canmore.
  • The front desk and most amenities are located just off the main lobby entrance.
  • There are 144 units at Grande Rockies Resort in total.
  • There are 1, 2 & 3 Bedroom units throughout the property, with some able to be connected and configured together.
  • No titled storage lockers.
  • Pets allowed in select units only.
  • Rental pool units use keycards from the front desk.
  • Self-managed units (via Airbnb/VRBO) can have their door lock switched out to a keypad, with condo board approval.


  • Indoor pool, features, and WATERSLIDE!
  • Indoor/outdoor swim-thru hot tub.
  • Secure, heated underground parking.
  • Fitness Centre / Gym with cardio equipment & weights.
  • The Grande kitchen + bar located just off the lobby – an excellent place to grab a drink or a bite!
  • 24 hour front desk services for Bellstar Guests.
  • 3 meeting rooms + a ballroom for up to 100 guests.
Grande Rockies canmore Pool & Waterslide
Grande Rockies Pool & Waterslide

Condo Fee Inclusions – Grande Rockies Canmore

Regardless of whether the property you purchase is in the turnkey rental pool or managed by a 3rd party (ie. Airbnb or VRBO), it will be part of the condominium corporation. A condo corporation is a vehicle for managing the shared assets and property for a condo-style development. Every unit at Grande Rockies pays a condominium fee, based partially on its size and “unit factor” or share of the common costs. The condo board and corporation here are managed by PEKA.

Grande Rockies Condo fees for owners include:

  • Condo Insurance (for the building; not contents, liability or personal insurance)
  • Common building maintenance & utilities
  • Water/sewer/garbage
  • Natural gas/heat
  • Snow removal/landscaping + window cleaning
  • Professional condo management + reserve fund contributions

grande rockies resort canmore condo for sale

Rental Pool details at Grande Rockies Resort

The rental pool is professionally managed by Bellstar Hotels & Resorts. Bellstar is a great partner for owners who choose to use their services, and they truly understand what it takes to make a guest have a positive experience at their properties. Select units & fractions at Grande Rockies are also part of the Paradise Resort Club.

With any rental pool, fees & costs could be higher than if you were to self-manage your own unit. Some investors and owners tend to see this as a negative – but depending on your goals, a managed rental pool can be what works best for you. When your unit is in the rental pool, it makes it a truly turn-key investment where you often have little more to do than receive a cheque each month. The rental pool makes for a consistent option too, as all units compete together against other hotels and rentals in town (vs. each other).

Quick rental pool facts:

  • Management fee approximately 45% of gross revenue.
  • Generally earn revenue *regardless* of whether your unit is rented or not – the pool shares all revenues.
  • Fee includes nearly everything: management, marketing, housekeeping, front desk, accounting, etc.
  • Contracts vary in length depending on sign date; can require several months notice to remove your unit from the rental pool.
  • Rental pool management agreement may need to be assumed by the new owner, depending on terms.
  • You can’t make changes to the unit decor and furniture, to maintain product integrity when its in the rental pool.

Is there Fractional Ownership at Grande Rockies Resort Canmore?

Yes! There are fractional ownership options available for rental pool units at Grande Rockies. Speak with a knowledgeable agent to help you watch the market for these specific properties.

grande rockies indoor outdoor hot tub
Grande Rockies Indoor / Outdoor Hot Tub

Can you Airbnb at Grande Rockies Resort Canmore?

Can you do Airbnb or VRBO at Grande Rockies? The answer is YES!

If your unit isn’t in a contract with a rental management company, you can self-manage it. You could have your own “hotel business”! When you self-manage or work with a 3rd party manager, you get to have input into the decor & marketing of your property. This can be more rewarding, but it can also be more work. Some quick notes on self or 3rd party management:

  • Lower management & cleaning costs through a third party (20%-40%) increase margin potential.
  • Improve margins further by managing it personally or even cleaning it yourself (if you’re in town!).
  • More Risky: You are in a highly competitive market – if your unit doesn’t rent, you don’t earn revenue!
  • Opportunities for creativity and excellence: Great pictures, decor, reviews and a write-up will make your unit stand out from the competition!
  • Unique units with amazing features tend to be favourites on Airbnb. Guests love great decor, views and neat roof lines.

My Property Rating – Grande Rockies Resort Canmore Condos for Sale

Grande Rockies Resort Canmore makes a fabulous option for investors & families looking for a place they can use, while also earning revenue. The property hasn’t had some of the furniture or public space updates that other resorts have seen, which means value is still there for buyers coming into the market. Sensible floor plans and great amenities make this resort shine. PLUS: What family would choose another resort when they could have a waterslide?!

Grande Rockies gets at least an A- in my books.

Is an investment condo in Grande Rockies the right fit for you? Let’s connect and discuss your options! I’m always happy to answer any questions you have regarding properties in this building, or anywhere else in Canmore. Working with an experienced and recommended Realtor you can trust will ensure you get the most out of your next local property purchase. Let me do the leg work and help you find the perfect place!

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Note: this article is for general informational purposes only and does not replace official agreements/information from management companies, or constitute advice. While all efforts have been made to ensure the accuracy of information at the time of writing, things can change and it may be updated from time to time. If you have questions about any specific property, let’s connect so I can ensure you have the most accurate information available.