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The Best Cochrane Alberta New Developments!

new homes being built in the new development of greystone in central cochrane alberta, taken september 1 2023

Wondering where to find the best new developments and homes in Cochrane Alberta?

Cochrane is one of the fastest growing communities in Alberta, and in Canada! This fabulous town has seen a population growth of 4.04% year-over-year, and an astonishing 22.7% increase in population over the past 5 years. Wow!

It’s no wonder why Cochrane is growing so strongly. This charming town is a short commute to busy Calgary to the East, and to the stunning Canadian Rockies and Mountain National Parks to the West. This easy access to great careers, as well as world-class recreation, has made it a hotspot for folks choosing to make the move to Alberta from other provinces, or Albertans looking for a great home.

Much of the recent population growth in this wonderful town has been in the newest neighbourhood developments, which I cover in more detail in my article here. There are some newer developments on the rise though, which we will cover in this article today. Below we will cover:

  • Where are the New Developments in Cochrane?
  • Where to find Cochrane New Homes
  • Why You Should Have your Own Agent for a New Home in Cochrane

As always, I’m here if you have any questions about Cochrane or new developments and homes at all. Feel free to text, call or email me personally at any time.

homes under construction in cochrane alberta under blue skies

Where are the Cochrane New Developments?

This is by no means an exhaustive list! These are just a few of the developments and locations that both myself and my clients have been excited about. The best way to find out which neighbourhood could be right for you would be to connect directly so I can learn more about your vision.

Greystone Cochrane

Greystone touts itself as the ultimate “live-work-play” community coming to Cochrane. There is no doubt this is the newest neighbourhood to break ground, with much of the work yet to be done – though the first show homes are opening now and the man-made lake and landscaping are really shaping up. The 150-acre development will feature front and rear garage single-family homes (such as Elevations), duplexes, townhomes and multifamily luxury condominiums (such as Vertos).

Greystone will also feature 350,000sqft of commercial space, including plans for restaurants, professional services, shopping and more. Its no wonder: this location is centrally located directly in the centre of Cochrane, just off downtown shopping and steps from the Spray Lakes Sawmills Family Sports Centre (SLS).

views up to precedence and riviera from the bow river dog park trail in cochrane alberta

Precedence in Riversong

Precedence in Riversong is a beautiful neighbourhood nestled along the Bow River, overlooking greenspace and even offering views to the Rocky Mountains. If you’ve taken a stroll along the riverfront in Cochrane (which I highly recommend!), take a look upwards when you’re near the new bridge by SLS. Perched high on the hill you will find Precedence. This neighbourhood offers front drive and laned homes, semi-attached properties and townhomes.

This neighbourhood is really one of my favourites in Cochrane. Commuters have easy access to the Highway 1 via Highway 22, and there is just enough commercial space near the entry points to mean you don’t always have to rush into town. Thanks to the new (I will always call it new!) bridge by SLS, this community has been connected like never before. Community sports, downtown shopping and restaurants, and more commuting options like the 1A are surprisingly accessible from this neighbourhood that still feels like its “away from it all”.

new development Pinnacle estates sunset ridge sign for new homes in cochrane with a view outwards to cloudy skies

Pinnacle At Sunset Ridge

Sunset Ridge has been a staple in Cochrane for some time. With its gorgeous location, many families new to the area have chosen to call this neighbourhood home. With a school nearby, as well as a lovely lake and (amazing) playground area, this striking community has a lot to offer (if you like donuts, visit Cochrane Baking Company!).

Pinnacle Estates at Sunset Ridge is the newest phase of the development here, with show-stopping single-family homes perched high on the ridge, offering amazing views West to the mountains and overlooking trails and green space. This is a really unique area of town that I think offers something truly special in Cochrane, that hasn’t been seen in a long time. Definitely worth a closer look!


Heartland may look like its finished (and it is looking very good these days!), but there is definitely still “room to run”. With the upgrading of the Highway 1A/Highway 22 interchange, access issues will be greatly resolved and traffic flow will greatly improve (although I’ve never felt it was that bad). Spec homes still remain in existing phases, and there are new phases and future multifamily options still to come. Keep your eyes on Heartland!

Where to find Cochrane New Homes

Finding a new home in Cochrane will be easiest with a licensed REALTOR on your side helping you narrow down your search. I have helped many families find the perfect home in town, meeting with builders and walking sites for pre-construction homes. We can go directly to the builders, and we can also explore resale options of homes that have just completed construction. Everything from a bare lot that is ready to build, to a brand new home ready for your family to live in first, can be available options in Cochrane.

Cochrane real estate agent Dan McGuire

Why You Should Have your Own Agent for a New Home in Cochrane

For new properties, builders and their representatives can offer lots of great information. After all – each new home is one of their products!

Of course, in any real estate transaction, it’s in your best interests to have someone working exclusively on your side. Any agent or salesperson engaged by the builder has been contracted to work only in their client’s best interests – the builder or developer. That isn’t a bad thing: they can still provide you with general information and must act with honesty.

Having your own real estate agent in your corner means you have someone engaged to act in a fiduciary capacity for you – only in your best interests. A qualified real estate agent can help you understand the new home buying process, coach you through contracting, and ensure your needs are looked after every step of the way.

When you choose to work with me as your agent, there is no cost to you as a Buyer. Yes, you read that right. Typically builders and sellers have already agreed to pay any cooperating commissions, so there is no disadvantage to you. You get someone you can trust on your side, advising you when you need it most, and making sure you avoid mistakes and pitfalls along the way.

The Best Cochrane Alberta New Developments!

If you’re curious about what life in Cochrane is like, or wondering where you and your family could fit in to this wonderful community, please feel free to reach out to me directly via text, call or email. No question is too small, and I’m passionate about helping people understand the real estate landscape in this amazing town. I think anyone looking for a great opportunity and a perfect location to grow would be well advised to take a close look at Cochrane. It truly is an amazing place!


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