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The Best Canmore Off Leash Dog Parks

The BestCanmore Off Leash Dog Parks

Looking for the best Canmore Off Leash Dog Parks to take your pooch to this weekend?

Canmore is such an amazing place to have a dog as part of your family. My wife and I have a running joke that “all the dogs in Canmore are happy” because they get to share this wonderful area with their families. As a homeowner in Canmore though, yard space can often be limited. Thankfully with all the great outdoor space we have in our small town, this isn’t a problem! Today, let’s take a look at the five off-leash dog parks of Canmore.

Cougar Creek – Canmore Off Leash Dog Parks

This destination dog park is a major favourite for pets and owners alike! It’s also the second largest in Canmore. Conveniently located on the South end of the Highway 1A / Bow Valley Trail, this park is right off the highway, making it a quick place to get to if you would like some outside time with your dog. The best part about this park is that it is composed mostly of forest with dozens of intersecting paths, but has a perimeter fence to ensure your dog can’t make any daring escapes. This makes it a great space to explore and let your dog run wild through the dense growth. It also makes a great loop for humans to walk a time or two as well!

Canmore Off Leash Dog Parks

Elk Run

The Elk Run dog park is a great medium size park and the smallest of the destination dog parks (ie. Those that offer parking). This is a wonderful neighbourhood park, near two baseball diamonds and some excellent quiet streets for additional walking. This park offers enough space to play fetch without interfering with other dogs, room to wrestle for puppies that are still “learning the ropes,” and a small stand of trees and long grass for some small exploration.


This is one of two small neighbourhood parks, mainly used by the residents of the nearby Palliser Lands towards Harvie Heights. This park has a five-foot fence and lots of space for your pooch to run around and socialize with other local dogs enjoying the fresh mountain air! This park also has great mountain views of Three Sisters, Grassi, Ha Ling and Rundle for humans.

Hubman (Three Sisters)

The other neighbourhood park in Canmore. The Hubman dog park is near the Three Sisters frisbee golf course, and just off the wonderful system of paved trails in the area. While there isn’t any direct parking for vehicles, for any residents or visitors to the area, a short walk from any of the surrounding streets makes a lovely addition to a visit to this off-leash park. This park & area also boasts great views of the surrounding valley mountains, and is a great spot to see grazing elk in every season!

Quarry Lake – Canmore Off Leash Dog Parks

Of course we would save the biggest park for last! This destination park is a locals favourite, that also happens to attract visitors all the way from Calgary and its surrounding communities who come to use the nearby lake. Entering the Quarry Lake area, the un-paved parking lot to the right of the entrance is for this dog park. A massive meadow area provides plenty of space to run, fetch and play, before moving on to an adventure through wide wooded trails to a swimming pond. If your dog likes the water, their tail is sure to start wagging as soon as they realize they’ve arrived at Quarry Lake! Note, this park is unfenced, so keep your wits about you when bears descend into the valley depending on the season. Bring your camera for excellent views of Ha Ling and Rundle, and your hiking boots if you want to take the powerline or the highline trail.

Canmore Off Leash Dog Parks

Helpful Tips – Canmore Off Leash Dog Parks

Always remember to keep your dog on-leash when not in one of these designated areas. There are usually waste bags present at each park, but it’s always a good idea to bring your own. Dogs in Canmore should be licensed and have their vaccinations up to date, and you should always keep your dog within your sight and under your control. But most importantly – have fun!

More information on Canmore’s off-leash parks can be found here. As always, feel free to contact me for questions about Canmore or to meet up for a dog walk!

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